UPDATE: COVID-19 Testing

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911. Arkansas is experiencing yet another rise in COVID-19 cases. Testing has become an important tool in detecting the presence of COVID-19 in the body and stopping the spread of the virus in our community. Cabot Emergency Hospital offers safe, fast, and effective COVID-19 testing. We…

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Questions About COVID-19 Testing Costs or EOBs

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Were you tested, or plan to be tested at Cabot Emergency Hospital (CEH), but have questions about associated costs, or an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)? We’re here to help! Cabot Emergency Hospital accepts all commercial insurance plans for COVID-19 testing per the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) enacted 3/18/2020, and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief,…

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Parenting in a Pandemic: Back to School Safety Tips

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As a parent, there are countless life milestones you’ve been preparing for since you had your first child. Although the first day of school is on that list, no one could have anticipated the circumstances we’re currently under. Some things may be out of our control, but there are ways to feel more prepared for what you’re walking into. This…

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COVID-19 Testing: We Do It All

Since COVID-19 was first discovered, one of the largest challenges doctors and scientists face is the lack of information, data, and studies on the virus. But as time goes on, different testing approaches have proven useful for detecting the presence of COVID-19 in the body. Thus, allowing patients to better prepare and fight the illness.…

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COVID-19 Facts vs. Fiction

With so much news coverage on COVID-19, it can be hard to filter through everything that is being said and posted online. Because everyone has a platform to share their opinions, false information seems to be spreading faster than the virus itself these days. That’s why we’re setting the record straight by fact-checking a few…

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