Cabot Emergency Hospital
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Great staff quick and friendly
It was a great experience (as great as having to go to the ER can be). The facility was very nice and clean. I got in very quickly, and the staff were all extremely nice. I would recommend them for sure!
They were fast and courteous. They made us feel comfortable.
Very nice staff and very helpful. Thank you all for being great!!
Everyone was very friendly and took care of me promptly. That makes all the difference when you’re extremely sick and frightened to get test results. Thanks Dr. Box & Staff!
Cabot ER is surprisingly friendly. Every staff member made me feel welcome and comfortable. I went after having chest pain that moved into the side of my neck. (I have COVID & blood clots run in the family. After talking to my PCP's nurse, I decided to not take the chance.) Cabot's ER staff never once made me feel stupid, which was what I worried would happen. I as received the intravenous antibody therapy while there. The next day I almost slept the entire day. I feel better. The only thing the treatment didn't do was help my congestion. I recommend Cabot ER for those who have the insurances they accept, such as Blue Cross. I know their doorsid they do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.
Excellent Service Fast and friendly
The staff was professional and courteous! Would definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you for taking care of me in a timely manner!
Wonderful, efficient, excellent service, was in and out in no time at all! All medical staff were awesome thank you so much
Wonderful facility and staff!!! Provided excellent care !! My 1st visit was very impressed!!
We went to Cabot Emergency Hospital around 7 pm for stitches from an accident using a box cutter. Everything about the hospital was excellent. The front desk staff was efficient and friendly. The waiting area is comfortable and well decorated. Waiting period was short and both the nurse and the physician were professional, friendly, and skilled. We were in and out in less time than we would have waited at any local hospital. I highly recommend them for any emergency needs. They do not take Medicaid or Tricare, but offered a payment plan as well as directions on filing a claim directly with Tricare. A+
The nurses are so sweet and the doctor was wonderful with my grandson. Yes that’s a plus for me . If Me or anyone else I will recommended you ! Thank you for being kind and he enjoyed the nurse talking to him.!!!
The receptionist was very helpful and kind. The doctor, nurses and X-ray tech were wonderful. I appreciate their help and being so gracious.
We’ve used Cabot ER on a couple of different occasions. They’re kind, great bedside manner. But most of all, they are FAST!! Thanks Cabot ER, for coming to our City, and making it a little GREATER!! ❤️
They are very helpful and talks to you and very nice
No one ever comes to the hospital because they are having a good day, ever. I have had to visit twice now since the opening of Cabot Emergency hospital and I have been pleased. Both times I have had to visit they were kind, very quick and handled the visit efficiently. DeAnna Shannon (RN), and Dr. Archer were phenomenal. So thankful to have a facility closer to home that truly cares about your well being. I didn’t have to wait hours to be seen either, which was extremely important in an emergency situation. Thank you for outstanding service!
very helpful and polite.
Quick and easy covid testing
Took my friend last week due to kidney stones then ended up there last night for myself because I broke my rib. The place is very clean, the wait was short, and the whole process was quicker than the doctors office. From front desk all the way to the doctor everyone was nice. I’m glad I gave them the chance.
The staff here is wonderful! Dr. Baird is kind and knowledgeable. He checks all angles to be sure he is giving you the best care. Nurse Lindsey and RT Nurse Tiffany were amazing!! Highly recommend CEH!!
Everyone was so nice and understanding they made me feel comfortable about being there thank you for all that you do
I was an alcoholic until these wonderful compassionate people saved my life. I love u guys...After I received the bill I'm still happy.btw it's not a bill it's an explanation of benefits. Thank you guys I owe my life to you
They helped my son during an emergency and they weren't mean or judgemental at all. They helped keep me calm by being calm and working quickly.
I visited Cabot ER for a week long migraine. The registration process was so smooth and the ladies were so nice. I was called back immediately and placed in a room. The nurse came in right away asking me questions about my condition then the doctor came in immediately to... assess me & determine a course of treatment. The nurses came right back in to start my IV and administer medicine (migraine cocktail) I fell asleep and woke up feeling much better. I was discharged without having to wait no more than 5 minutes. The doctor and nurses were extremely nice and listened to me. I’m thankful for my care more
Staff at Cabot Emergency hospital were very attentive and took very good care of me after my crash. Would recommend them anytime
Best emergency hospital around . They are always very nice. You never have to wait at all I always come in and get back in the room and will be talking to the doctor within 15 minutes . They also have snacks and drinks in waiting room for you to enjoy on your way out ..... highly recommendread more
Very helpful and kind. Calming in my er situation and patient. Very thankful for the medical staff here!
Great hospital and staff. I was seen in a timely manor and everyone was great. I would recommend them to anyone as long as they take your insurance. I called before and asked if they took my insurance and they did.
They handled a delicate situation with tact and care. I appreciated the professionalism quite a lot.
So messed up my eye, this hospital took care of me! In and out. Best staff too hands down. Would definitely visit here again
We were quickly seen and they were nice. The doctor offered different options, explained them all in detail and asked which I thought would be best. So much better than being told what to do.
This place is like the Chick-Fil-A of hospitals!Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Only place I trust to drain polonidal cyst. Clean, nice staff, attentive and snacks.
I’m from Searcy and as a lot know Searcy isn’t the best. I chose Cabot Er it was my first visit, I didn’t have to wait an extremely long time to get called back to see the doctor. I think my total time there was 2 1/2 hours. I thought I had Covid they did the rapid test... came back negative. So they thought forsure I had it too so they did a second Covid test takes like 45 minutes for results. Thank the lord it was negative too. They ran test, drew blood, hung saline because I was dehydrated, and my diagnose was I had a UTI and dehydrated they said prob due to all the vomiting I was doin. Searcy wouldn’t of ever got the right diagnose and I woulda sat there 6-8 hours on a regular night. I go to Cabot or Springhill when I need a Er doctor, even if I don’t feel like the ride I choose them cause I don’t trust Searcy. Only thing troubling with Cabot they don’t accept Medicade but that’s ok. I’ll take my sister to Baptist cause she’s not goin to Searcy to me it may take time and gas but she’s worth it to me. U won’t b disappointed by no means if Uve never been to Cabot give them a chance u won’t regret itread more
Dr. Box and the team at Cabot ER are superb. I was extremely anxious about needing sutures for the first time in my life, especially having to be alone in the room, and they all made me feel at ease and provided excellent care.
Hands down the nicest medical facility I have ever been to. Everyone was so nice from the front desk, nurse, radiology tech, and doctor! I felt very cared for and everything was completed in a timely manner.
All the people was very nice! Docs, nurses,front desk, everone. I was in and out. They took care of my problem and I was back at work. Still doin well. Thanks to all of your staff!
Was examined very quickly for a foot injury. The staff there is wonderful. Highly recommend for any emergency medical needs.
The entire staff were amazingly caring & professional. Nurse Laurie (sp?) is the bomb. Everyone took my issues seriously. The Dr. was in the room within MINUTES & sincerely listened. He provided the exact treatment I needed & I was headed home to rest in my bed, instead of... trying in vain to find any measure of comfort on a paper lined exam bed. Tho as exam rooms go, actually clinics in general, CEH is a beautiful & welcoming clinic. It feels comforting, almost spa-like, instead of the expected spartan medical setting we're used to seeing. Thank you!!read more
The staff of Cabot Emergency Hospital is amazing! They are caring and professional. No one is ever too busy to answer a question or attend to your needs. I highly recommend you trust CMH to deliver the care you need.