5 Health Myths Busted

Discover the truth about some of the most common health claims!

From generation to generation, medical myths have been passed down to influence our actions. These health claims are used so widely that it is hard to tell if these are just conventional misconceptions or real facts. Here are five common health myths busted.

5 Health Myths Busted

  1. Myth: Wet hair in cold weather will make you sick
    Fact: Wet hair in the cold weather may make you uncomfortable with body chills and feel like you’re freezing, but it will not make you sick with an illness. To be infected, you would have to come in direct contact with the virus, most of the time through a sneeze, cough, or touching a surface.
  2. Myth: Exercise is the key to weight loss
    Yes–exercise is great for your overall health and wellness. However, exercise alone will not help you shed extra pounds. There must be a combination of exercise and diet control to actually see weight loss results.
  3. Myth: The ‘5-second rule’
    Have you ever dropped a piece of food and still eaten it because it fell under the ‘5-second rule?’ Many have done this before. It doesn’t take bacteria (or “dirt”) five seconds to get on the item that touched the floor. It happens immediately. It is recommended to throw away any dropped food to avoid possible food poisoning from foreign bacteria or exposure to other serious health conditions.
  4. Myth: Ice will heal your burn
    When we were younger and burned ourselves, we may have been told to apply ice. But ice on a burn can actually do more harm than good, giving the wound a frostbite effect that further damages the skin. It is recommended to run the burn under cool water instead of applying ice.
  5. Myth: X-rays cause cancer
    Medical X-rays are important for diagnosing and managing medical conditions. The amount of radiation that X-rays produce is so low that the chance of contracting cancer from an X-ray is very rare.

It is important to always consult with a medical expert to ensure the accuracy of a health claim. Cabot Emergency Hospital’s expert physicians are here for you 24/7, no matter the situation, to provide quick and accurate care. From rapid virus testing to treatment of severe food poisoning symptoms to advanced, onsite X-ray technology, we are here for you! Open 24/7/365, our priority is the safety and health of our community!

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